SAP Services

    For Hybri Solutions, SAP HANA is about enabling you to become a more agile enterprise that can respond quickly and effectively to change. Adapting to today's Business Environment today's business environment poses new challenges to traditional IT, including:
  Data analysis from connected devices
Flexible and mobile workforces
Increasing pressure on costs and headcounts
Expectation to make faster decisions



  To succeed, you need to be able to adapt quickly to changes to the customer, market, or competition. This means instantly leveraging your information - your most important asset.

Offerings That Drive Agility Our SAP HANA offerings help you leverage data in real time to become more agile:


  S/4HANA:Processes and analysis on a single platform
  SAP Simple Finance: Making finance departments true business enablers
  SAP Simple Finance: Making finance departments true business enablers
  Extreme Applications for Retail built on SAP HANA: Pre-built and ready-to-use solution for faster time-to-value
  SAP HANA Accelerated Migration Factory:Optimize all phases of an SAP HANA migration
  SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA: Secure, cost-effective migrations from SAP NetWeaver (BW)
  Strategic Value Assessment for SAP HANA: Business case and comprehensive analysis of the impact of SAP HANA
  SAP HANA 24 Agile approach / Test Drive in the Amazon Web Services Cloud: Quickly envision SAP HANA's  benefits
  Implementation Services for Greenfield, Brownfield and Bluefield.
  Application Management Services.
  Migration, Upgrade and Custom Development Services.
  Security and GRC Services.
  Work-Flow Management.
  Landscape Review Services.
  IT Strategy, BCP, Risk Assessment Services.
  Data Management and Landscape Transformation.
  DR Solutions on Premises and Cloud Extensions.